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Are human beings genetically programmed to ask more closed than open-ended questions? And if so, why? Perhaps it’s a self-protective mechanism? Especially if you are someone who is (or feels) “time-poor”, asking an open ended question can feel dangerous. What if your question invites information you simply don’t have time to listen, let alone respond, to? This can make for frustratingly brief and impersonal contact among colleagues and even friends and family. (more…)


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I know a lot of organisational coaches and most of them seem to really love their jobs. In fact, they seem to be having fun a lot of the time. How is that so? Why is it that coaches love their jobs?

When coaching first became popular in Australian organisations in the late 1990s much of the coaching we were called upon to do was remedial – “fix” this person, coach that one “out of” the organisation. That was not so much fun. (more…)

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