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Have you ever tried to have a relationship with half a person?  We’re talking here about the kind of person that is only ever half available to you; they keep the other half of their life behind closed doors and often it’s their inner world that is the unavailable part.  These kinds of relationships rarely work out, because it’s very hard to relate to half a person. (more…)


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What makes executive coaching work, from the executive’s point of view? (more…)

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Executive coaching is a relatively new phenomenon (around 20 years old in Australia) that has increased in popularity to the point where now many people in organisations have been coached or know someone who has been coached.  Having a coach these days is seen as a mark of prestige (your organisation clearly values you) rather than as a sign that you are in need of “fixing”.

If you have not yet had your own coach, you might have wondered (more…)

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What makes a leader?

At the Institute we’ve been talking a lot lately about what makes a leader great.  In early June around 50 of our Melbourne alumni got together with John Matthews and Chip McFarlane to discuss the “journey to the heart of the leader”.  There was a lot of discussion, enthusiasm and inspiration generated…

The French word for heart is ‘coeur’, from which comes ‘courage’, which is associated with the heart.  For example, someone who is ‘lion-hearted’ is considered to be very courageous.  A true leader must have the courage to navigate the tension between the paradoxical demands of making the hard decisions and maintaining compassion for their people and in their communications. (more…)

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What exactly are they?  We’ve all heard of the concept of the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit – the simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity) but we’re not seeing much evidence that this is actually applied in day to day business planning.  Unfortunately it is in “difficult economic times” that some of the more idealistic goals of an organisation quietly drop off the radar.  It starts to seem necessary to focus purely on THE bottom line: profit.

So, what is the responsibility of a leader as we head towards the end of the first decade in the 21st century? (more…)

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