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Writing a blog is a discipline.  I read this recently in one of the blogs I follow (and that particular blogger is very disciplined, posting several times a week, much to my delight).  She also mentioned that there are something like184,000,000 blogs on the internet, maybe more, and that most blogs don’t last longer than one month.  (This makes me feel a little less bad…mine lasted about seven months in 2009 before fading away to a sporadic post here and there).

What has any of this got to do with coaching?  Well, actually, quite a bit.   As you may have noticed, it’s difficult to make a constructive new habit, but very easy to break one.   And yet destructive old habits (like the sometimes less than ideal way we relate to those closest to us, and the “not necessarily the best” foods we are tempted to eat) are somehow difficult to break.  Coaches work with their clients to help them realise their full potential by removing the things that interfere with that potential – and these things are often habitual ways of being (acting/managing/eating/speaking/relating/communicating and so on and so on).

When I first started to write this blog I felt so inspired that I thought I would never lack for inspiration or time or energy to write my weekly post.  Then, somehow, January and February 2010 just slipped by.  Well, I’m back, with new resolve, new inspiration, and new vigour for the IEC blog!  What’s different?  Well, I’ve got myself a coach…


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Over lunch today one of the IEC coaches, Des Doyle, told me an interesting story.  He has been coaching a manager of a trading floor over the last three months or so, and as the coaching engagement is coming to a close he asked his client what he had learnt.  (more…)

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The latest kid on the block in terms of research into human relationships is neuroscience.  We now know more about our brains than ever (for example, did you know that your brain is capable of processing 30 billion bits of information per second?)

But what does this have to do with coaching? (more…)

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When a person seeks out a coach they usually have a story to tell.   Through the telling of this story, the coach may discover that more than one story is present…within the “official story” there may exist a hidden story, and this often contains the real obstacles to a person fulfilling their potential.  Through building trust and safety, by demonstrating respect and empathy, (more…)

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